Joy Every Moment

The name of our brand is J.E.M

J.E.M stands for JOY EVERY MOMENT. This is what we believe in. Our days consist of many steps and each step should bring happiness and joy. Our goal is to create shoes that are elegant and a delight to wear and to behold.

Our totem

The totem of the J.E.M brand is the Gorilla. This majestic Ape exudes power, dignity and inner nobility. It is fearless towards its enemies and loyal and protective to its own.

There is a deep wisdom in its eyes, which reflects strength and tranquility.

The gentle giant has no need to boast or to prove itself to the others. This wise and intelligent creature intuitively knows what is right and will do only what it thinks is best, paying no attention to the whims of the others.

The Gorilla always finds the right way and leads others with its quiet charisma.

From the ancient times the image of the Gorilla has been perceived as a talisman with protective, strength-giving energy.

We hope that our Gorilla will make all of your steps positive, well balanced and joyful.

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