An exclusive pair inspired by the greatest model Naomi Kemble in terracotta colors

Experience the epitome of cultivated elegance, in a pair of shoes exclusively designed with inspiration drawn from the iconic Naomi Kemble. Awash with the warm and earthy hues of terracotta, these shoes are the quintessence of style and luxury, ensuring that each step you take reverberates with sophistication.

Imagine strolling through the historic streets of Paris, the art and romance of the city echoing in every graceful step. Picture visiting relatives in the sun-drenched opulence of Monte Carlo, each moment a soft embrace of chic and comfort. Visualize an enchanting evening on the embankment in the heart of Geneva, the shoes a harmonious blend of allure and elegance, complementing the city’s romantic aura.

exclusive pair inspired by the greatest model Naomi Kemble in terracotta colors

Crafted with versatility in mind, these shoes are an adaptable masterpiece, seamlessly aligning with a spectrum of outfits and styles. Whether paired with the authoritative lines of a structured silhouette or the gentle grace of a delicate ensemble, they effortlessly enhance and refine, amplifying your inherent sophistication.

Every woman deserves to feel exquisite, regardless of the occasion. These shoes don’t just adorn your feet; they elevate your presence, allowing the luxury of true elegance to permeate every experience. It's not just about the destinations you'll traverse, but the empowered and luxurious journey you undertake in these remarkable shoes. The world becomes a canvas for your elegance, each moment an opportunity to emanate sophistication, adorned in shoes that encapsulate the essence of refined style and timeless grace.

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Perched on a 110 millimeter heel the Naomi heeled mules are like a supermodel that won't go unnoticed. Handcrafted in calf leather and fur.


Made of pony-like calf leather, Naomi has a feline and feminine look. Ultra comfortable thanks to its 110-millimeter heel.


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