The best shoes for autumn and winter 2023-2024

In this article, the team of the premium brand of women's shoes from Switzerland J.E.M will talk about the shoe trends that will be most relevant this fall and winter.

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Shoe trends of the past - Part 1

The Swiss brand of premium women's shoes J.E.M will talk about the most famous shoe trends in the history of fashion of the 90s, which have now regained popularity.

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The old trend in the world of shoes has returned this year

Today, a premium brand of women's shoes from Switzerland will tell about the old trend of the twentieth century, which this year returned and flooded the fashion industry - boots.

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The best materials for shoes

J.E.M will tell you about the highest quality shoe materials so that each of you can make the right choice.

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How to style shoes? Ideas from J.E.M

J.E.M supports the idea of personal tastes of each person when choosing images. You can wear a classic style or wear men's oversize clothes. Each person decides for himself which image to choose, but J.E.M. will help you to emphasize the individuality of each outfit, deeply reveal the personality and give you an unforgettable style.

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Imani Blush combines all the brightest trends of 2023

Luxury, sophistication, comfort and style are the basic canons of this pair. It is important for a girl to capture every moment of life and remember every happy minute. Imani Blush will be the best addition for this.

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An exclusive pair inspired by the greatest model Naomi Kemble in terracotta colors

In these J.E.M shoes, you can go for a walk in the center of Paris, visit relatives in sunny Monte Carlo, and also go out in the evening for a romantic date on embankment in the center of Geneva.

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You can become more luxurious with JEM

Black Jill Black Boots for the perfect outfit to stroll through the heart of Milan or Paris.

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