Many of our customers are wondering "why does a premium brand arrange an outlet?"

We always strive to preserve the image of our brand. All our collections are limited and are not mass-produced. Every pair of shoes that we create resonates in the hearts of women, which is why once a year we want to make a gift, so we provide a 50% discount on some of our products. It is very important to take into account that the outlet presents a minimum batch of shoes

All this is done in order to introduce the brand to a new audience, who, having touched our shoes once, will not be able to forget us. Discounts are provided once a year. Our team selects items from each of our collections very carefully. A pair of shoes that were presented at the outlet last year will never be sold at discounts in the future.

It is important for us to introduce people to the world of quality and luxury living, as each of our shoes embodies a world of wealth and a better life. Our employees are confident that by organizing an outlet, we give people the opportunity to learn about us, as well as remember us. In the new year 2024 — we do not change our tradition and discounts of up to 50% are waiting for you until January 1. 

New Year is a holiday when the curtain opens for everyone to the world of magic and new sensations. Touch the world of luxury living with the premium women's shoe brand J.E.M.

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