J.E.M supports the idea that shoes should not only be trendy and stylish, they should also give a sense of comfort and remain durable. We create premium shoes, focusing on the core values of our brand and customers. It is important for us to create beauty that retains its quality, so we will tell you about the best materials for shoes that are worth choosing.

1 Leather

Leather is one of the best materials that allows you to create a high-quality pair of shoes. This material is durable, therefore, choosing shoes made of genuine leather, you can be sure that it will last a single year, while maintaining its original appearance. 

Leather shoes are absolutely safe for humans, they do not emit toxic substances under various weather conditions, which makes synthetics. It is easy to care for, which is especially important at a fast pace of the inhabitants of the metropolis.

If it is important for you to have high-quality women's shoes in your wardrobe, which will be able to give you pleasant emotions any day, help to make a bright accent in the image and transform you, then we recommend you our unique pair of Alex Cherry.


Alex Cherry is a luxurious pair of cherry-colored shoes that has already become a hit of our brand. Natural cowhide leather material, bold and confident design that catches the eye. These shoes are for those who like bright colors and memorable design.

2 Suede

Suede is a very soft, velvety leather that is pleasant to the touch, made with a special dressing. This material plays very beautifully in the light, which adds shades for shoes in sunlight.

Suede shoes require careful, but simple care, so that in the future their appearance remains in its original form. It is also a material of high strength and reliability. Suede shoes are warmer, there are less visible visual defects on them than on other materials.

If this material suits you, and you want a visually beautiful suede pair of shoes that will be in your wardrobe for more than one year, then we recommend paying attention to Livia Vert from our brand.


Livia Vert is a premium shoe that combines a unique design and high quality. This pair is suitable for various events in the life of each girl to always look perfect.

The materials that make up our shoes are incredibly important. First of all, this is about our health, adhere to the philosophy of quality. Our brand produces shoes using only the best and natural materials so that each of you is confident in your choice.

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