Let's talk about the main shoe trend of the summer of 2024, which was worn by the ancient Romans.

Mules are elegant shoes without heels, stilettos or flat soles. Their name comes from the Latin "mules", meaning "thinker". The fact is that in Ancient Rome, such shoes were worn by the most privileged strata of society. And now it is the main trend of women's shoes. Let's figure out what is the peculiarity of mules and why they are not losing popularity in the fashion world.

Mules are the main trend of 2024

First of all, it is a versatile shoe that fits many women's looks when a girl wants to make an elegant accent on her shoes.

We highly recommend each of you to take a closer look at the mullets, because they are also very comfortable to wear and do not cause painful sensations. The perfect option for every day.

Mules are the coveted shoes in 2024

If you are a fan of unusual shoes, turn to non-trivial models of mules. For example, with a curved heel (this is the absolute trend of spring), an unusual design of the toe (draped leather) or an original shape. Such shoes diversify both, consisting of jeans and a T-shirt, and harmoniously complete an evening ensemble.

Mules with heels are versatile and go with almost everything.

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Perched on a 110 millimeter heel the Naomi heeled mules are like a supermodel that won't go unnoticed. Handcrafted in calf leather and fur.


Made of pony-like calf leather, Naomi has a feline and feminine look. Ultra comfortable thanks to its 110-millimeter heel.


The Naomi mule is available in an exceptional leather. Its bright color brings to Naomi is singular allure.
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