How to distinguish a natural shoe code from a fake one in 2024?


The main and unique feature of genuine leather in products is its pattern. In artificial leather, you will see a repeating pattern on the surface of the substitute. The only exception is printed material, which is characterized by the same pattern. Real leather has a porous texture and if you look closely or take a magnifying glass, you will see a lot of randomly located pores on the product.

Tactile sensations

It's no secret that real leather is very pleasant to the touch, but there are still important distinguishing features that will help to identify a fake. Natural leather always warms up quickly when in contact with human skin, while artificial leather will always remain sensitively cool. It's all because of simple physics. Real leather will be soft and supple to the touch. If you press on it with your finger, the surface with the fingerprint will instantly recover. Another way to check the naturalness is to bend the product. In the process, small creases are formed, which will be easily smoothed out after unbending. If traces of wrinkles remain on the skin for a long time, this is a sign of a substitute.


Things made of substitute weigh much lighter than those made of real leather. Whether it's a natural jacket or shoes, they will have a noticeable weight. Take products made of different materials in both hands and you will feel the difference. However, the weight of the real skin may also vary. For example, sheep material is lighter than bovine, but still heavier than an artificial substitute.


Leatherette is quite easy to distinguish by smell. Artificial products have a specific chemical aroma, which is sometimes difficult to get rid of. The smell is especially pronounced on shoes and bags. Natural leather is distinguished by a delicate, subtle aroma. Sometimes manufacturers try to mask the artificial smell, but this is possible only on condition that the substitute item is of good quality.

Today we told you about the most important points of determining the authenticity of leather shoes, which are easy to check immediately upon purchase. Thank you for reading our article and becoming a part of the community of the premium brand of women's shoes - J.E.M

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