The very first thing that is important to consider is "shoes are one of the main elements of the whole image, and not just an addition to it." Therefore, it is very important to clearly understand and feel the colors that you want to wear.

How to style shoes? Ideas from J.E.M 2024 1

Brown colors are the main complement to shades of black. Our beautiful Jill Mocha will perfectly match a black tight-fitting dress and create a feminine and sexy image in which every girl will feel special, and the admiring glances of passers-by will confirm this. Visually, you will stretch the silhouette, make an interesting emphasis on shoes, which will allow you to achieve a real delight from the image.

How to style shoes? Ideas from J.E.M 2024 2

If you want to create a multi-layered image, then the color of the shoes should complement all the shades of the outfit. In this case, it is best to look in the direction of our Naomi Terracotta. An exquisite balance of expensive terracotta color allows you to create harmony between pastel colors and transfer the attention of the public to bright shoes.

How to style shoes? Ideas from J.E.M 2024 3

Ines Brown is suitable for styling light images when you don't want to overload the outfit with white colors. Create a sophistication that others will see by wearing a classic female silhouette together with our shoes that complement and enhance your style.

J.E.M supports the idea of personal tastes of each person when choosing images. You can wear a classic style or wear men's oversize clothes. Each person decides for himself which image to choose, but J.E.M. will help you to emphasize the individuality of each outfit, deeply reveal the personality and give you an unforgettable style.

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These stiletto shoes come in brown and terracotta hues with snakeskin finish, strappy cage style and lace-up detailing. They feature snake laces, back zipper and lightly padded insole for easy wear. In the brown variant, the laces are contrasting red. Extremely feminine style shoes, perfect for a seductive look.


Jill boots are distinguished by their stem of 550 millimeters and their heel of 120 millimeters for an ultra feminine silhouette.


The Naomi mule is available in an exceptional leather. Its bright color brings to Naomi is singular allure.
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