Every season, new trends appear in the world of fashion industry, which will dictate their own fashion rules. Shoes do not pass by and today we will talk about boots that have conquered the whole world again.


One of the most controversial shoe models. In the world of women's fashion, these boots that are higher than the hip have experienced different cycles both in popularity and in design. Nevertheless, in any autumn-winter season, one or more brands will definitely risk releasing such a pair.

Extravagance, style and luxury are the main description of boots. A girl who has used them at least once in her image has always been left with a huge impression. The design of this model of boots is universal and stylized with almost all things. In 2023-2024, it is better to choose bright shoes that will create an attractive accent.

You can pay attention to an exclusive pair of boots from J.E.M in bright red color, which have become the main addition to the girls' wardrobe this year:

The old trend in the world of shoes has returned this year

Today, the main philosophy of high fashion trends has become "rebirth". World brands in their collections made references to memories of the trends of the twentieth century and boots are an active fashion trend in the 80s, and 10 years later high-top boots became especially popular - thanks to the film industry. After Julia Roberts' heroine in the movie "Pretty Woman" conquered a millionaire in boots performed by Richard Gere, girls all over the world lined up behind them.

The fashion world is a rapidly developing environment where there is nothing definite. The task of trends is not to set rules, but to be able to adapt them to yourself.

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