Some 200 years ago, all shoes were made only from natural materials. You can recall bast shoes made of bark or bast, wooden shoes of Dutch peasants or exotic shoes made of fish scales. But at that time, genuine leather shoes were considered the most reliable and durable. And the most interesting thing is that today, in the XXI century, nothing has changed: genuine leather is still the best material for shoes, despite the abundance of artificial substitutes and all the achievements of the chemical industry. To understand the reasons for this amazing phenomenon, it is enough to list the advantages of genuine leather in the manufacture of shoes.


Properly treated leather retains its presentation and other characteristics for a long time. In this regard, buying a pair of leather shoes is more profitable than buying cheaper shoes made of synthetic materials. After all, leather shoes will last twice, or even three times longer!

Water resistance

Modern leather processing makes it possible to exclude the penetration of moisture into the shoes. This is a very important factor in our climate, especially in autumn and spring. By choosing leather shoes, you guarantee that your feet will stay dry in any weather.


With regard to artificial materials for sewing shoes, the rule most often applies that shoes can either be beautiful or protect the foot well. Leather shoes easily combine both of these qualities – they perfectly protect against mechanical damage and have a great appearance.

Just to take care of

Genuine leather shoes are easy to clean and easy to care for. In addition, even if you are caught in the rain, the skin will dry quickly in a dry room. Of course, there are shoes made of nubuck or suede, which require more careful treatment, but ordinary genuine leather is unpretentious.


Genuine leather is a breathable material and does not interfere with the exchange of air between your feet and the environment, which is very important for the health of your feet. Leather shoes are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, wear well, taking the shape of a foot.

Style and beauty

The ease of processing allows shoe designers to create real masterpieces made of genuine leather that look incredibly stylish and beautiful. You can choose leather shoes for any style of clothing: from business to sports. A good pair of leather shoes will complement your look and confirm that you have excellent taste!

Our brand offers a wide range of genuine leather shoes and we are sure that every girl will be able to find the perfect pair for herself:

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