The question of how to choose good quality shoes arises in front of everyone. It is the quality of shoes that determines the comfort and health of the feet, the convenience of long-term walking and the absence of fatigue. What should I pay attention to when choosing shoes? There are five basic signs with which you can quickly find a good pair at a normal price. These are the material and quality of tailoring, the type of sole, the absence of a sharp smell, the cost


When choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account the season. Light leather sandals or shoes are suitable for summer, shoes with moisture-proof impregnations are recommended for autumn and spring, leather, nubuck, textiles are suitable as a material. For autumn boots, a lining in the form of a natural bike is recommended. Winter shoes should be warm and durable, the best options are leather or suede – leather boots are perfect for wet weather, suede boots will be indispensable for dry. The lining for winter shoes is made of wool, the recommended option is a natural material.

The quality of the sole

The second point that you should definitely pay attention to is the type of sole and flexibility. The best option is a flexible, moderately soft sole that provides comfortable walking. For winter and wet weather, it is necessary to choose a sole with a textured tread that will not slip. It is also recommended to pay attention to the seals, which must be of very good quality.

When choosing shoes, except for the sole, it is recommended to carefully inspect the material under the insole (if it is removable). Foam rubber is usually used for low-quality shoes and boots, they will not last long. The best option is natural thick leather or special textiles that allow air to pass through, protecting the foot from excessive sweating and the risk of developing fungus.

Seams and tailoring quality

The tailoring of good boots or shoes must be of high quality. All seams must be smooth, wrinkles or creases, crookedly sewn or glued decor, bad fasteners are not allowed. All shoes should look neat and reliable, without protruding threads or creases.

Is there a pungent smell?

Another sign of good shoes is the absence of a sharp chemical smell of glue or solvent. High-quality leather or textiles have a light, subtle aroma of a new material that will soon pass and will not interfere. Dyes for such shoes are used safely, they do not cause the formation of a pungent odor. If shoes are stored in a box for a long time, the smell may be concentrated inside, but during fitting you will understand how acceptable it is for natural material.


The cost of good shoes cannot be too low. You should not 100% believe the claims that the low price is not related to the quality of the shoes. A pair for several hundred rubles without discounts will not last long and can cause all sorts of problems – calluses, sweating feet, swelling, severe fatigue. In addition, the low price often means that poor-quality compounds were used as dyes for shoes or boots, which fade and quickly lose their appearance. Unreasonably cheap shoes may indeed be made of genuine leather, but the quality of this leather will be as low as the price.

How to choose the right shoes with the optimal cost-quality ratio? Take your time with the purchase – pay attention to the quality and type of material, sole, seams and other indicators of a good, durable and beautiful pair of shoes or boots.

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