They talked about the most trending heels for girls in 2024

Although Marilyn Monroe sang odes to diamonds, we are sure that girls' best friends are still heels. The right shoes can not only completely change the image, but also increase self—esteem - the question is which heel will suit you.


The smallest heel among the existing ones is from 0 to 2 cm high. Most often, the Viennese heel is found in ballet flats and loafers.

VIENNESE Trendy heel in spring 2024


A square heel with an average height of 2 to 4 cm is considered the most comfortable and stable

A BRICK Trendy heel in spring 2024


A kind of outsole that combines the function of a heel and a sole. In the heel area, the wedge is wider than on the toe. Choose a height of no more than 7 cm, otherwise you risk injury.

WEDGES Trendy heel in spring 2024


The high and thin heel is a legend that needs no introduction. It is believed that Roger Vivier invented the hairpins in 1953 specifically for the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II. Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, and the whole planet became interested in golden sandals with high heels.

HAIRPIN Trendy heel in spring 2024


A high wooden heel with a beveled back is for fans of westerns.

COWBOY Trendy heel in spring 2024

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